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Don't miss out! Summer 2023 Current Enrollment Status:

Last update: 4/13/2023

Scroll through the spreadsheet below to see the enrollment status of our mountain bike club, wilderness trips, and the day camp programs at Kincaid Park divided into age groups 5-6, 7-9, and 10-14. Please note that our Jr. Outdoor Explorers (ages 10-13) is limited to only 10 youth per week.

Daily Drop-Ins will become available for booking two weeks prior to a program’s start date. 

If a program is full, you may still click on the link to join the waitlist

The Three Pillars of Focus in our

Outdoor Science Education Programs


Outdoor Science and Naturalist Studies

In addition to learning a set of outdoor recreation skills, we dive deep into understanding the environmental science and phenomena behind safe and sustainable outdoor recreation. Understanding the natural phenomena behind our outdoor explorations is often essential in understanding how to be safe and to leave minimal impact on our precious wild spaces. Our guides also lead seasonal courses on Alaskan wildlife, flora and fauna. These topics are an essential part of all of our programs in teaching the importance of sustainable recreation in the wilderness.


Outdoor Recreation and Safety Skills

Alaskans love multi-sport, human-powered adventures, and we are fortunate to have many outdoor adventures unfold to us as the seasons change. We teach a variety of recreation activities through the lens of safety, sustainability, and recreating as stewards of the land. In our seasonal outdoor programs and workshops, participants gain safety skills to last a lifetime and share with others, teamwork, & survival skills in the winter and summer environments. Safety and sustainable recreation is the foundation of all of our programs.


Mentorship, Leadership, and Community

For ITWAK, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". The greatest resource we have is our community and the people in it. From age 4 to 104, we invest in a circular economy of our community's shared knowledge and experience. Our youth outdoor leaders and apprentice guides both gain from and share mentorship and leadership in our programs. Adult participants find a place where they are welcome to learn and share skills and knowledge in a welcoming community where kindness, respect, and safety form a solid foundation.