About Us

It all started with a dream…

…to raise our children with a love and respect for our world’s natural resources, to show them how beautiful our world is, and to teach them to care for it when they become adults.

Into the Woods was conceived, essentially, from a philosophy we share that nature is paramount in our lives and in the life of a healthy community.

We believe that every child has the right to grow up playing in the woods, and every adult should know how to get into the woods to renew their spirit and lead a healthy life.


We started Into the Woods Alaska because we were longing for something different – a new way of approaching childcare that emphasized experiential learning while playing in the woods. This idea was born from our experience as parents in the Anchorage area – long we searched for day cares and summer camps whose focus was play in the outdoors, where kids could grow up learning how to operate safely in Alaska’s wild country.

We wanted something different from summer camps that had tight schedules and busy activities all day…we wanted our kids to just play in the woods, to learn by being independent thinkers, and follow their own innate curiosities rather than an adult telling them how to think or what questions to ask.

We know that the magic of childhood means children know how to ask the right questions about what they’re experiencing, they know how to engage at a very meaningful level with their own curiosity, and they know how to live fully in the moment and believe in themselves–things that many adults have forgotten how to do. Children aren’t meant to be forced into a formula of paperwork and activities. Like every other intelligent animal on our planet, humans of all ages learn through experience and play.

Into the Woods is a different kind of outdoors camp. It is an outdoor education for any age. It is a place where we teach the value of scientific observation and learning through play. It is a place where kids can be free of screens, schedules and stress….and just play.

When you or your child goes on an adventure with Into the Woods Alaska, it is a family event. We make safety a top priority while learning outdoor safety skills and opening our eyes to the life that is all around us. Our world is changing rapidly due to climate change, and we fear that future generations won’t have this nature to find peace in unless we act now.

We firmly believe that when children and adults get out in nature they will become advocates for protecting it. We all need to do our part to ensure future generations will be able to see whales in resurrection bay, salmon leaping up the Kenai, glaciers in our mountains, forests flourishing (not in wildfire or in drought), birds on the wing, and our ecosystems full of life.

Meet you in the Woods,

~ Kristina and Dan