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Access gear lists, itineraries, important contact info, forms, and links you may need as your family gets into the woods with us.

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Helpful Links:

Parent Update Form for any non-emergency updates you want us to know about your child this form updates all guides of any important details or changes.

Book a Program – click this link to book one of our programs.

CALENDARS – click here to see detailed times and locations for your program.

Camper Registration Form once you’ve booked, fill this out once per child in our care, and update over the years as information may change.

Daily Health Questionnaire – during the coronavirus pandemic, we ask that parents fill out this quick DHQ daily, prior to drop-off.

Read our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan here – read here, sign electronically at booking.

Read our Liability Waiver & Trip/Camp Policies Form here – read here, sign electronically at booking.

Parent Suggestion Form – let us know your great ideas!

Gear Lists

The All-Seasons Outdoor Explorers gear list page (all current programs)

Drop-off/Pick-up Protocols

Drop off protocol
Please fill out the DHQ (daily health questionnaire) before drop off each day.
Depending on the area, we will either do check in at your vehicle, or we will have a station set up where you may walk your child to and drop them off there, being mindful to maintain 10-12 feet from the next family in line. No more paper/pen daily check-in forms. We have streamlined our check-in process to a form the guide fills out for you on a smart phone- good for our sustainability policy and to limit the amount of shared tools.

Guides will collect your child’s gear for the day and assist your child in going to join the group as well as give them instructions about social distancing. If we have multiple groups at the same location, our groups will be spread out in different areas of the woods, and they adventure in different areas of the woods during the day. Our check-in guide directs your child to their appropriate group.

Pick up protocol: 
Walk to the edge of our area and give us a wave. We will walk your child to your vehicle with their belongings. Please do not enter the main group area or the area where children’s gear is being stored – this is for guides and participants only. Please wear a mask during pick-up.