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How to register

Registration for our programs is easy – Click the “book a program” link in the menu above to get started. Look over our booking page to see what we offer, and choose the program(s) for which you would like to register your child.

Camp Schedule: Curriculum & Itinerary
Curriculum & Itinerary
Weekly Schedule
Mondays — Overview/Games, Weekly theme skills and topics intro.
Tuesdays — Bike day – pre-ride, re-ride, skills workshop, bike maintenance
Wednesdays — Art in the Woods
Thursdays — Bike day – free ride, bike maintenance
Fridays — “Theater in the Woods” – based on week/theme/interests
Daily Schedule
8-9:00 am: early drop off
9:00 am: drop off – snacks, games, morning chill time.
9:30: Circle-up, Morning Chat: “the three be’s” (1. be safe, 2. be kind, 3. be respectful to oneself, others, and nature), bear and moose safety practice, LNT (leave no trace) reminders.
10:00 am – 12 pm: take off! Heading out toward our daily adventure. We find a spot to dive into the woods and practice our AM daily theme/curriculum. Water, food, chill-out and play breaks as needed.
12:30-1:30 – Lunch, back at trailhead, refill water etc.
PREK group, “wolf pups” will have a 2-3 hour “siesta” time during the middle of the day. hang out, set up the shelter and ground pads, tell stories, read stories, just PreK chill time. Some take naps, some listen to stories, some play quietly. We need to get them to relax a little during this time, otherwise they play too hard all day and tend to get over-taxed emotionally and physically. Tend to, some in this age group just go-go-go non stop, there are always exceptions to the rule!
2 to 4:00 pm: take off! Heading out toward our daily adventure. We find a spot to dive into the woods and practice our AM daily theme/curriculum. Water, food, chill-out and play breaks as needed.
4:00 pm: head back toward pick-up location – “closing meeting” before we arrive at trailhead.
4:30-5:30 pm: pick up! Each Summer Camp week includes both environmental science and wilderness safety topics. Bear and Moose safety & LNT are prominent features in each morning meeting as well as practiced & reinforced throughout each day.
Program Fees & Pricing Structures Explanation

Transparency is important to us. We strive to offer base prices and fees that are competitive with similar programs in our area. Additionally, one of our long-term goals is to be able to set up scholarship funds and grant programs for local youth. Below is a general explanation of our fees and prices.

Jr. Youth Outdoor Studies Programs, Ages 7-12. Base price: $275/week

Wolf Pups Summer Camps, ages 4-6. Base price: $325/week

Bike Club: $185/week or $48.50/day

The base price covers cost of operations, the bulk of which covers wages for us and our employees. We pay ouselves and our employees a range of wages, from $15-$18/Depending on Experience. As we grow, we plan on offering higher wages and hopefully retain year-round employees for our outdoor studies programs. The heart of our success lies in the quality people running our programs. We invest a lot of our time building programs, research, curriculum, supplies, and recruiting, training, hiring, and staffing high-quality people in all of our programs.

Registration Fees: $5 a day/$25 a week

The registration fees cover the cost of trail use permits, equipment, taxes & related accounting fees, and insurance – both general liability, rental gear, and workers comp coverage. In our opinion, any youth outdoor program worth its salt will have good insurance and will help give back to the land by paying for trail maintencance & repair. MOA, BLM, and AK state parks do a phenomenal job of making these trails both accessible (clearning ruts, quickly responding to bear activity and keeping users safe, clearing away dense vegetation, outhouses, parking lot maintenance…whew! and a lot more!) Having good insurance protects both our program, but most importantly, our employees and our participants. While these are of course legal requirements, there are absolutely the right thing to do.

Programs that aren’t registered and operating within legal requirements aren’t being regulated, which means there is no oversight nor accountability with their activities. When looking for a program for your child, these should be important considerations.They may be basic and boring questions to ask, but we recommend asking these questions when looking at programs for your child: 1. Do you have business insurance? 2. Do you pay Workers Comp for your employees? (if the answer is no, this should be a very big red-flag that the given business isn’t operating within the law, which brings up other concerns – if they aren’t following the law in this regard, what other rules are they breaking?) 3. Do Employees get background checks? 4. Do employees have CPR/First Aid training? 5. Do you have safety protocols in place? 6. What wages do you pay your employees? 6. Do you have a business license?

In addition to the overhead of staffing, the biggest financial pressures are trail fees and insurance. We apply for permitting with all places and public lands we might use, including MOA Parks and Recreation, Anchorage School District, Alaska State Parks, and Bureau of Land Management Lands. Most places charge around $2 per participant per day, and annually these costs come out to anywhere between $8,000 to $10,000. Total Insurance costs vary annually between $9,000 to $11,000. As we grow, investing in good equipment and maintaining it carries its own costs as well, from bike maintencance and purchases, gear for teaching and learning, first aid equipment, and much more.

We built in the registration fee as a way to help ameliorate these costs and spread it out annually across all programs. This allows us to set aside savings over time and helps our business continue to operate smoothly; rather than operating in a “feast or famine” type cycle, we hope to be able to operate a program that is efficient, well-organized, and is built to withstand external forces out of our control, like the stressors of 2020. With a fee structure like this in place, we have a built-in safety net and the ability to stay mission-focused: offering unparalleled youth outdoor studies & environmental education in the last frontier.

Cancellation Policy & Submission Form

Quite a lot of energy goes into creating a carefully curated Outdoor Studies Program, from lesson plans, community outreach, partnerships, and most significantly, hiring. We seek out the most highly-qualified staff to support our program, care for youth, and represent our mission and goals; staff are hired based on enrollment numbers. When we hire our staff, we enter into a commitment with them – we are helping support their livelihoods. However, we also understand life happens and plans can change – this is why we have developed a comprehensive, transparent cancellation policy. We must do our best to support and provide service to both our customers and our employees; both of these very important aspects have informed our policies.

Click here to submit a program cancellation notification to us, or fill out the form below – We will review your notification and issue credit or refund according to our cancellation policy.

Our Cancellation Policies

  1. ACT OF NATURE: If an unforeseen, uncontrollable event happens that forces the closure of any ITWAK program, for example a global pandemic, natural disaster or other unforeseen or uncontrollable event, ITWAK will not be able to offer refunds for any program booked during this time. 
  2. PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN INITIATED CANCELLATIONS AND REFUND POLICY: In the event that you are unable to join us the following guidelines will apply. 75% refunds  will be provided 60 days prior to the trip/camp date. 50% refunds will be provided 30-59 days prior to trip date. The 50% retained by ITWAK can be credited towards another trip if used within 12 months. No refunds will be provided within 29 days of the trip date. This policy has been established to meet the demands of planning well organized trips, programs and courses. If for any reason a trip ends early there will be no refund. All cancellations and requests for refunds MUST be submitted via the cancellation form “ITWAK Customer Cancellation Notification” on our website page “Parent Info Page”.
  3. IF YOUR TRIP/CAMP IS CANCELLED BY ITWAK: If, for any reason, ITWAK has to cancel your trip, course, or program, all deposits and trip payments will be refunded in full minus a 5% transaction fee, or, are fully transferable to another trip. ITWAK will not be responsible for any costs associated with cancellations including, but not limited to: flight cancelation fees, flight change fees, and/or associated lodging and meal fees. In the unlikely event that an ITWAK trip/camp fails to enroll a minimum amount of campers within 15 days of the start date of the session, said session will be cancelled, and a full refund shall be returned to the camper’s family, or the camper shall have the option to enroll in a different session, as space allows. Into the Woods, LLC will make every effort to immediately notify the camper’s family of this situation. ITWAK is not responsible for cancellations occurring from an Act of Nature (see above Act of Nature clause).