Outdoor Studies Programs: Online Course Offerings

We are building a digital platform of course offerings which correspond to our Outdoor Studies Programs. Thank you for your patience as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis with you. We are trying our best to adapt to these uncertain times in such a way that we can continue to bring you quality outdoor studies programming while protecting our family and yours by social distancing.

We are working on new tutorials and courses every day so that you can offer your child an exciting outdoor studies course for their temporary in-home school program. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you! Like you, we also find ourselves working from home while home-schooling our children. These are tough times, but we are here for you! As always, your feedback is essential to our growth, and we welcome your constructive criticism-please let us know how we can best help you. Like we’ve said many times: the only way to get through this is together. (#togetherapart).

Browse through our offerings below and check back often to see what we’re working on. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Have an idea for a cool course or topic you would like to learn more about? Reach out to us! contact@intothewoodsalaska.com

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natural science


Let’s build something together.