News From the Woods

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Summer Programs 2022

Our Summer 2022 Outdoor Science Programs Summer Outdoor Science Programs 2022: All the Info that fits RESILIENCE Our word of 2022 is Resiliency. We all have had to be resilient for the last (nearly) two years, and we will have to be resilient for the future we face – a future of unknowns due to… Continue reading Summer Programs 2022

2021/22 Afternoon & School Break Programs

Now Offering programs from Trailside Elementary (Hillside Trails), Inlet View and Chugach Optional (Chanshtnu – Westchester greenbelt). Drop off your kiddo with us or we pick up from the above schools and spend the afternoon exploring the four seasons of our wild greenscapes! From August 17 – May 19, following ASD In-Service days. Offering daily… Continue reading 2021/22 Afternoon & School Break Programs

2021 Summer Camps

“Come to camp ready, go home tired and muddy, fall asleep with a full belly and a big smile…wake up and repeat!” Into the woods alaska2021 Summer camp goals! Our Programs Our Youth Outdoor & Environmental Studies Programs emphasize place-based, experiential learning, and our uniquely Alaskan summer camps are no exception. Within the context of… Continue reading 2021 Summer Camps