Multi-Day Trips for ages 10-17

2023 Youth and Teen Alaskan Backpacking Trips

2023 Alaskan Wilderness Trips and Expeditions

Our 2023 Summer Multi-Day Trips offer both foundational skills and more challenging experiences in the field of wilderness skills and outdoor recreation. From foundations of paddling, climbing, and backpacking, to our 9-day teen eco-expedition, to our "quick 3-day trip" for youth 10-13, we can't wait to get outside with youth and teens this summer! Our mission, as instructor/guides, is helping youth and teens build confidence and teamwork skills in addition to the wilderness safety skills essential to a lifetime of safe and fulfilling outdoor adventure.

More 2023 Summer Programs:

Wilderness Safety and Outdoor Science

Who are we, and what do we do?

Each program, whether a day camp, after school program, or multi-day overnight trip, is designed to teach wilderness safety skills and knowledge, sustainable and safe outdoor recreation skills, and empower youth to develop confidence, self-reliance, build friendships, and be leaders. In our multi-day overnight trips, teens and youth learn these essential foundations of being an outdoor explorer in a wilderness setting. 

Each program is specifically scaffolded to age-appropriate learning and developmental skills sets, and the focus is to learn outdoor skills and science through play, fun, positive social interactions with peers, and authentically Alaskan experiential and place-based learning.