An all-ages guide to studying and getting curious about our avian neighbors.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use our worksheet to dive deep, at your own pace, into the wonderful world of birds. Choose a bird native to your area and use our questions and chart to fill in the rest. Our questions are just a starting point: go beyond and think of your own questions to ask and get into nature to investigate your bird's habits and creature powers! This course is adaptable to all ages - from pre-K to adults, students are limited by their own curiosity and can write their answers in relation to their given developmental stage- whether they be single letters, whole words, sentences, paragraphs, or essays, all ages can use this guide to get curious about birds and appreciate our avian neighbors when they venture into the woods.

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Name your bird: taxonomy

Name your bird!

A Parent Guide to our ALL ABOUT BIRDS course.

Ask questions and get curious about your bird

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Material Includes

  • Worksheets for taxonomy of birds and scientifically organized questions to ponder over while studying your bird.


  • Take your time, have fun, and get outdoors! Parents guide their student according to their individual learning abilities and needs - dive as deep as you want with a scientific study or use this as a preschool guide to writing letters/words and learning how to hone one's curiosity in nature.

Target Audience

  • All ages!