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The Borealis Bike Club

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Half-Days on the Hillside Trails

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2022 Summer Programs

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2021/22 Winter Outdoor Science Programs

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The Alaska Youth Outdoor Science Leadership Program

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Into the Woods Alaska is dedicated to providing an unparalleled youth & adult outdoor and environmental science education program emphasizing place-based, experiential learning. Our youth and adult participants alike learn environmental science, outdoor safety, teamwork, and survival skills that will keep them and their back country companions safe over a lifetime of exploring our world’s wild spaces.

Our seasonal and year-round programs are designed to foster authentic learning experiences that will not only last a lifetime, but encourage our participants to become actively engaged in conservation, protection, and sustainable use of our wild spaces. In our programs, participants learn specific and general safety skills through hands-on, active and experiential learning. We offer special courses with specific learning goals/certifications/skill sets in mind as well as general courses that introduce younger children to the concept of being an outdoor explorer.