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After School at Westchester Lagoon

After School Outdoor Education for AK Kids: A local Program at Westchester Lagoon featuring Wilderness Skills and Seasonal Sports! Includes Pick-Up from Aquarian, Inlet View, and Chugach Optional.

Alaska Winter Day Out: Essential Expert Tips and Cold-Weather Gear List

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Please be sure to read and sign the waiver and registration forms at least 30 days before your trip! Fill out once per year, per participant.

"Mountains Don't Care"

Disclaimer: A note on Safety and Risk in Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Sports like bouldering, hiking, alpinism, mountaineering, camping, rock and ice climbing, activities that occur in the backcountry and avalanche terrain, and water-based activities, and simply being in the wilderness environment involves inherent and other risks and cannot be made safe. Observing our training, rules, and best practices for these sports cannot guarantee participants will be free from harm. When venturing outdoors to engage in recreation in the wilderness setting, either on one’s own, signing up on behalf of your minor participant, or as part of a group setting, please remember that there is an assumption of risk that we undertake in order to do these activities, teach skills, and learn.

CLIMBING, ACTIVITIES IN THE WILDERNESS AND BACKCOUNTRY, AND CLIMBING/WATER-BASED ACTIVITIES ARE INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITIES that may result in serious injury or death. Into the Woods, LLC has a thorough risk assessment process in addition to extensive planning, training, policies and standards. We do this in order to meet the appropriate amount of risk for each group, activity, and setting, and mitigate risk to the largest extent possible during our courses, expeditions, trips, and all programs. However, while we are prepared, plan, and train, we are not able to guarantee that these wilderness sports and activities can be made 100% safe. 

Kristina Kvernplassen

Tina is the Owner, Director, and Dreamer of new adventures at Into the Woods Alaska. Her love for outdoor adventure fuels her mission to share outdoor skills and safety with everyone. Tina is a former NCAA Division 1 Cross-Country and Track and Field Athlete, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages (Spanish), a WFR (Wilderness First Responder), and a TRG (Top Rope Guide) with PCGI (Professional Climbing Guides Institute). Tina has worked as an EMT, a Spanish<>English Interpreter, and an “indoor” educator before turning her dream of starting Into the Woods AK into a reality in 2019.

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