A summer outside for Alaskan kids

2023 Outdoor Summer Camps for Alaskan Kids

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The Full 2023 Summer Camp Schedule

all weeks, age groups, and programs (Mt. Bike Club starts June 26).

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Summer Camps 2023

What we learn in the Woods

Our Summer Camps are designed for youth to learn outdoor skills, safety, and leadership through play, friends, and fun, while fostering an authentic relationship with our local wild spaces here in Anchorage.

Our camps are where playing in the woods meets wilderness education. Safe and sustainable recreation is the foundation of all of our programs, in which we have two main areas of focus: wilderness safety skills and place-based environmental science inquiry. While each week has a specific learning theme, like birds, water, or mountains, every week is designed to help youth develop foundations in Alaskan outdoor skills, leadership, teamwork, bear and moose safety, wilderness first aid, and sustainability, among others.

Check out our individual age-group webpages for all the details (each age-group webpage is essentially our parent handbook) to book a summer camp and learn more!

What we learn in the Woods

Focus 1: Wilderness Education, Safety, and Skills

Our unique 2023 summer camp themes give youth an exciting and focused context within which to learn the foundations of being an Alaskan outdoor explorer. Within these different camp themes, every week includes bear and moose safety, planning and packing gear, being comfortable outdoors, wilderness first aid skills, teamwork, peer-to-peer leadership skills, leave no trace, sustainable use of our wild spaces, and much more. 

What we learn in the Woods

Focus 2: The Science behind the Magic and Beauty of our Wild Spaces

The best way to learn is through play, hands-on experience, with peers, and an authentic place-based classroom. Understanding the natural phenomena behind our outdoor explorations is often essential in understanding how to be safe and to leave minimal impact on our precious wild spaces. This understanding also provides youth a solid foundation in natural sciences to build from in their future careers and interests. 

A local program for local kids - meet us at Kincaid Park!

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