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2022 Summer Mt. Bike Club

…is now open for booking! The stoke is high, and we can’t wait to get on the trails with our young riders again in summer 2022!

Our community of bike enthusiasts “spoked” and we rolled with it! Check out summer 2022 bike club program details below. In addition to our weekly summer bike club sessions, we are tentatively planning bike-packing trips in beautiful South-Central AK for families, adults, and youth – stay tuned!

Summer Bike Club Details
  • Ages: 8-15
  • two skills groups, divided into beginners and intermediate/advanced on Monday morning.
  • Monday-Friday, week-long sessions from 9:00am to 5:00pm (parents can pick up at trail head between 4-5 pm)
  • At Kincaid Park: drop off and pick up at the Jodhpur Trailhead

The youth summer bike club is for beginning to intermediate & advanced riders who want to develop a strong foundation riding mountain bikes and single track trails. Bike Club will offer two skills groups: beginning, and intermediate/advanced. Students will be placed in skills groups on the first day based on a group ride, skills observations, and challenge course. Bike club will meet each rider where they are at and challenge them, in a safe and supportive environment, to try new skills and improve. 

We will cover more advanced skills and techniques, help riders who want to level up their skills, cover bike maintenance and care, and how to pack for different types of trips. Over the course of the summer, bike club will progressively advance through the different styles of Mt. Biking, from cross country styles to cyclocross, and each week will cover a specific skill set to focus on. Mt. Biking is an engaging, challening, and exciting sport in which riders gain fitness, endurance, strength, and confidence. 

Behavior expectations and standards: We expect all of our students to be safe, kind, supportive of their teammates, and respectful to themselves, their bikes, their teammates, and the environment. Mt. Biking is a place to relax, have fun, trust the process, and put pride aside. Some 8 year olds are more skilled than some adults, and some 15 year olds are new to the sport. That is okay. Everyone is coming from a different background, confidence level, and skill set, and we will place each student where they need to be. We are not going to put beginners in advanced group settings – this would be dangerous, and we won’t abide recklessness and destructive behavior. Safety is our number one priority, and we also must do our part to take care of the world-class bike trails we use. 

What to pack

All students must have a properly fitted helmet, mt. bike, water and a big lunch.

Pack an extra set of clothes and some warm layers on colder days to leave at the trailhead.

Skills focus

Some of the skills we focus on are:

  • jumps
  • cornering
  • high-speed turns
  • drops
  • pumps
  • how slow can you go?
  • racheting
  • braking
  • changing tires & general maintenance and care
  • Wildlife awareness and safety
  • trail etiquette
  • leave no trace
  • fun tricks and tips
  • bike-packing
  • training, nutrition, fitness
Tentative Daily Itinerary

We don’t bike constantly all day long – there are focused skills practices, longer rides, and plenty of time to play, eat, and be merry in between. We spend at least a few hours each day teaching bike maintenance skills to students.

Tentative Daily itinerary:

  • 9-10am: drop off, practice course, bike check and prep
  • 10-11: specific skills practice
  • 11-3: ride, session, practice
  • 3-5: review, maintainance session/skill, chill/free play time back at the trailhead.
A note on “lunch”
  • We don’t have lunch – we have multitudinous food and water breaks as kids need them throughout the day. We drill the mantra “if you wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, you’ve waited too long.” Part of teaching youth self-sufficiency and accountability is teaching them that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and if anyone in the group feels hungry, they can call a snack and water break or safety concern as soon as they feel the need to do so. Our coaches also make these calls often throughout the day, because it is also very easy to demonstrate a skill or concept when kids are a little tired and eating-it makes them ready listeners! We don’t list this in the itinerary because it occurs so frequently, and as needed, and with many reminders from coaches. 

Do you know a young bike enthusiast? Buy them a gift card & give them the gift of bike club!