2021 Summer Camps

2021 Summer Camps

Now Offering two age-group options for our summer wilderness safety & rereation program:

1) Weekly summer sessions for ages 4-6;

2) Weekly summer sessions for ages 7-12

  • Weekly, Monday – Friday offerings from May 24 – August 20.
  • 9:00am to 5:30 pm (8:00am early drop-off available, $25 add-on).
  • Every other week between Hillside and Kincaid – Odd weeks at Hillside, Even weeks at Kincaid.
  • $275/week for ages 7-12, our young outdoor explorers
  • $325/week for ages 4-6, our little Wolf Pups
  • Scroll down to register === read more detailed info, themes, and itineraries at the bottom of the page.

“Come to camp ready, go home tired and muddy, fall asleep with a full belly and a big smile…wake up and repeat!”

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2021 Summer camp goals!

Summer Camps 2021

$275/week for ages 7-12, our young outdoor explorers
$325/week for ages 4-6, our little Wolf Pups

Location — We are alternating between two locations:

1. Hillside Park (drop off and pick up at the Hillside Park Parking Lot on Abbott rd.)
2. Kincaid Park (drop off and pick up at one of three parking lots: Jodhpur Parking Lot, Stadium Parking Lot, and Raspberry Parking Lot, varies by week/day, we will communicate details ahead of time).
Times: 9:00am to 5:30pm, early 8am drop-off available for $25/week
Themes/Gear: TBA (look for weekly themes to be announced in April/May. We will have bike club days, art days, and theater in the woods days, all incorporated into the weekly learning theme.)​

2021 Weekly Summer Offerings:

Week 1: May 24-28  at Hillside Park
Week 2. June 1-4  at Kincaid Park
Week 3: June 7-11 at Hillside Park
Week 4. June 14-18 at Kincaid Park
Week 5: June 12-25 at Hillside Park
Week 6. June 28 – July 2 at Kincaid Park
Week 7: July 5-9 at Hillside Park
Week 8: July 12-16 at Kincaid Park
Week 9: July 19-23 at Hillside Park
Week 9&3/4: July 26-30 at Kincaid Park
Week 11: August 2-6 at Hillside Park
Week 12. August 9-13 at Kincaid Park
Week 13: August 16-20 at Hillside Park

In-Service Adventure Day 1: August 23  at Kincaid Park

We still have some fine-tuning details to work out and have not set our curriculum and locations in stone. The general break-down is that we have weekly themes and learning goals. While we practice some things every day of every week, like bear & moose safety and environmental stewardship (leave no trace) concepts, some weeks will be more specifically focused, like how to go backpacking/camping, water safety (both recreating and drinking water!), foraging, and much more. Note: We may not publish these themes until May, and as always, the learning theme for each week as well as drop off and pick up locations are subject to change based on environmental, wildlife, and other extenuating factors.

General Daily Itinerary

8-9:00 am: early drop off ($25/week add-on at checkout)
9:00 am: drop off – snacks, games, morning chill time.
9:30: Circle-up, Morning Chat: “the three be’s” (1. be safe, 2. be kind, 3. be respectful to oneself, others, and nature), bear and moose safety practice, LNT (leave no trace) reminders.
10:00 am – 3:30 pm: take off! Heading out toward our daily adventure. We find a spot to dive into the woods and practice our daily theme/curriculum. Water, food, chill-out and play breaks as needed!
4:00 pm: head back toward pick-up location.
4:30-5:30 pm: pick up!

Tentative Weekly Plan:

“Come to camp ready, go home tired and muddy, fall asleep with a full belly and a big smile…wake up and repeat!”
Mondays — Overview/Games, Weekly theme skills and topics intro.
Tuesdays — Bike day – pre-ride, re-ride, skills workshop, bike maintenance
Wednesdays — Art in the Woods
Thursdays — Bike day – free ride, bike maintenance
Fridays — “Theater in the Woods” – based on week/theme/interests

Through the above structure, we teach STEM and outdoor safety skills topics/themes. Generally, each week has a different topic/learning goal and curriculum, but we always include: bear & moose safety, food, water, and gear management, kindness, safety and respect (our big three), and environmental advocacy mindset (leave no trace and responsible usership of natural spaces).