URGENT UPDATE: All programs cancelled until further notice.

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing to inform you that ITWAK is closing all programs until further notice. We are hoping to reopen mid to late January.

Due to the high amount of community spread and increased risk that any social group may be compromised, we have decided on re-entering into hunker-down mode. Additionally, we will no longer be able to offer care at the cottage. When we resume our program in late January, we will offer outdoors-only programming. When a vaccine is available, we will require verification that all participants and guides have been vaccinated before they are able to attend.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused in your life. I am not ashamed to say I really cried yesterday-I have been leading my family and business through this and acting as a support to those around me, as we all have, for what feels like so long. I finally feel that I have run this as far as I can without compromising my family’s, and yours, safety, and I feel that I have exhausted all options. It feels so frustrating and I know we are all going through these same emotions of fatigue, depression, anxiety, frustration, anger…the whole rainbow of emotions. However, as I tell all of our camp kids, “It is OKAY to feel these things, it is how you act that makes the difference” (I must admit I use this from Dolly Parton’s children’s book, “I am a Rainbow.”) So, I let myself have a moment, as you should too, then I pick up and carry on. Making decisions from logic and reasoning rather than heavy emotions. Right now, in spite of my personal feelings, logic dictates we close until further notice.

Not knowing how many families have several extracurriculars and how many different social circles they carry, we feel that we have reached a tipping point in saturation in which the risk of infection is too high, even being outdoors. While we are mostly outdoors, I do need to help kids with things like zipping coats, putting on mittens, tying shoes, putting on skis, opening lunch bags. Even with a mask, this makes our risk higher by magnitudes.
We will hold any payment made as credit for when we reopen. 

Next, some possibly good news. Some of our former staff have expressed interest in acting as private care-givers, if parents need it. I am not sure where they stand on this as of this moment, but if this interests you email me at and I will send out the info. These are amazing people that you know from the last few months and are great with kids and getting outdoors. I was hoping to connect anyone interested so that parents can get the help they need and our former staff can continue to thrive with gainful and meaningful work. Let me know if this interests you.

I wish you all the very best. I have enjoyed getting to know you and having you in my big extended family. With fingers crossed, this will soon pass and we will be back getting into the woods with your family. 

With the warmest of regards and the best of wishes, 

Kristina & Dan

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